New Media Artist: -Video art = video editing+ shooting, artistic direction, concept formation, -Research artist -Tacher of art
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I hold expertize in artistic research, web research and the production of concepts and art practice in fine arts and new media arts. I have experience in teaching children and adults in the fields of fine art, arts and crafts and contemporary photography.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Art educational institutions Theatre and dance companies in Athens Greece

Fields of practice:
Research, video, teaching art

Management teams your interventions may concern:
0 0 0

Types of interventions:
I work both individually and as a group depending on the project

Training courses attended:
• 2001 3 months in Utrecht School of Art and Design, Netherlands, Erasmus program
• Seminars on Lacanian psychoanalysis with Yiannis Stavrakakis
• Video editing training in AVID, Frog-tv Production & Post production services
• HTML, CSS seminar

BA Fine Arts (Athens School of Fine Arts-Greece)
MA Fine Arts (Central Saint Martins-London)
MA Interactive Media (Goldsmiths University-London)
MA Critical Curatorial Cybermedia (research-based master Geneva University of Art & Design, Switzerland)


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: En Fr El

Some references:
'Institut International de Lancy’, Geneva
'Atelier des Enfants’, CAC: Centre d’Art Contemporaine, Geneva
‘Melina, a Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture ’, Athens
Τechnical University of Athens, Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art
Vorgias College, Athens
‘Intergrafics’ Institute of Professional Education, Athens
Centre for Technical and Professional Education (TEE), Athens
Arsakio Lyceum, Athens

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hold a master in fine arts (MA Fine Art) from Central Saint Martins
(London) and a master in interactive media (MA Interactive Media) from
Goldsmiths University (London). Currently

have just finished a research-based master in the HEAD (Haute école d'Art et de design) in
Geneva, entitled Critical Curatorial Cybermedia. In my bachelor studies
in Athens I worked with painting and I was specialized in photography. Before
passing to digital photography I worked for years with analogue photo camera,
film and photo printing in the dark room. In my masters I worked both with
photography and with video and sound installations and I deepen into media
theory and cultural studies.

My experience as an art teacher
for adults (and children) is coupled with a strong theoretical research
interest in art education and new media.

For one year I was a teacher of
contemporary photography (theory and practice) in Vorgias College of Fine Arts, a private university in Athens
( My teaching, both in Greek and English, included classes

· The theory of fine-art
photography linked to contemporary art

· Technical courses on manual and
digital photo-cameras

· The basics in Photoshop

· Development of black and white
photo-films and photographs in the dark room.

· The creation of artistic

Over the last 6 years I work as an artist with video,
installations and performance, often in collaboration to artist and art
theorist Kostis Stafylakis. In 2005 we launched our website,
an artistic platform that reflects the socio-political situations we
experiencedduring the late 1990s in Greece, when the “dream” of
economic and political modernizationcoexisted with cultural and
religious clashes. For a more detailed view on personal andcollaborative
projects please visit our website.

current project, called ‘Back
Circle’, looks into National-Anarchism and is a response to the
socio-political reality in Greece after the violent events of 2008. Together
with our collaborators, we put to the test several forms of artistic
interventionism in order to reprocess public discourse and its hegemonic “nodal
points.” We impersonate authorities and misuse positions of power. Our artistic
practice is inspired by practices of “overidentification art”, but tries to further blur the
boundaries between incarnating a hegemonic identity and subverting it. By
trying to avoid overt mockery and offer bemusing, persuasive and elaborate
situations-speeches-impersonations, we try to test the viewer’s identifications
and enhance a detailed reflection on cultural and social dogmas.

As a video installation artist I have produced a number of art
videos for which I have worked in all levels of production: interdisciplinary
research, concept, field-work, networking, setting and casting, video shooting, video editing,
production of photos, posters and flyers, plus administration work and often
fund raising. My art projects required me to work in close collaboration to political
scientists, sociologists, financial agents, team builders, educators,
journalists and people from the art world as art theorists, gallery owners,
theatre directors, choreographers, musicians, actors.

For seven years I was an art
teacher in ‘Ergastiri’ (‘Studio’), a private art studio in Greece for
children and adults, teaching drawing, painting and photography in
collaboration to educators in music, theater and performing arts, an experience
that made me very interested in working with adults in the art field.

For two years I worked as a professional
photographer in equestrian sports for Photobit

As an art teacher (teaching
painting), I have taught in all levels of education:

· as an associate collaborator in
the (public) Technical University of Athens, Department of Conservation of
Antiquities and Works of Art, for two years

· as a training assistant of the
Visual Arts group, in the ‘Melina Project: Education and Culture’ (1995-2001)[1]

· as an art teacher with one of
the most difficult education contexts, that of Roma communities in Athens, in
the ‘Centre for Roma Families’

· as a collaborator for the production of a video piece, with
the University of Athens (department of pedagogy), on the ‘ThematicWeek
of Intercultural Education’,
in which we worked in depth on concepts of
multicultural education and how art can play a central role

· as an art teacher assistant for
three months in the Centre d’Art
Contemporain (CAC) in Geneva, teaching in English and French to children
between 4 and 10 years old

· as a replacement art teacher in
the ‘Institut International de Lancy’, in

Academic Interests

• Cultural Activism and Art
Interventions in Public Space

• Feminist art and gender issues

• Psychoanalysis

• Political philosophy

• Critical pedagogy

My last theoretical essay has is entitled: “National Identities in Times of Crisis,

Anarchism and
Over-Identification”. This research
explores national identities and the regress to nationalism in the current
times of political crisis and it takes as a case study the new phenomenon of
a new trend in the nationalist movement. It further explores critical art
practices and the link to political praxis, focusing on the art strategies of
over-identification art. For this research I use tools from socio-economic
theory, Lacanian psychoanalysis, political philosophy, art theory together with
examples from artists and art-activists.

Technical Skills

• Video, shooting and editing

• Photography, digital and analog

• Performance

• Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, In Design

• Graphic design

My native language is Greek, I speak very good English and
my French are improving.

The ‘Melina Project:
Education and Culture’
(1995-2001) was a co-operative venture between the
Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the General Secretariat of
Adult Education which aimed at bringing children into contact with art through
the educational process. This was essentially a training program for primary
school teachers. All actions (educational meetings, materials, artists’ groups,
nationwide conferences) aimed to train and hearten the educators and explore
art (visual arts, music, theater) as a medium for teaching primary school
classes like language, mathematics, geography, literature and more.

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